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    Edward Norton on Wes Anderson’s films:

    "What I’ve loved about Wes from the get-go [is] — the whimsy, the incredible humor … but there’s always these moments of pathos that come in and sideswipe you. Every time I watch The Royal Tenenbaums, I’m laughing and laughing and then for whatever reason, as soon as there’s that scene where [Richie Tenenbaum] releases the falcon or the hawk over the city and they play that Velvet Underground song, I tear up every single time. … I can’t explain it.

    I’ve come to think that a lot of Wes’ movies are about the same thing, which is maybe people struggling with the way that the family that you’re born into fails you or you don’t have the family that you want, so you go and create the family that you need. So many of the characters in Wes’ movies are essentially creating alternative communities that support them. I think there’s something really sweet in that idea.”

    Full interview: Ed Norton On ‘Birdman,’ Wes Anderson And Why $40 Makes Him Proud

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    I’ve literally been laughing at this for the past five minutes

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  11. Tatiana Maslany Script to Screen: 2x01 Table Reading
    With her main characters, they’re so close to her now. It’s amazing to watch how quickly Tatiana can emotionally access these characters. - Graeme Manson

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    Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller photographed by Sam Shaw, 1957

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